Getting Exactly What You Want

We heard this alot with customers;
'Can I change the size...?' or 'Does it come in another color..."? We realized that our customer wanted to ability to create too. Since the customer is always right, at GHNY we put together the GLOBAL HOME Made to Order collection

So imagine building your very own sofa, sectional, chair, ottoman, bench, or bed is possible . . . exactly  the way you want it.Start by choosing your favorite from hundreds of frames. Customize the dimensions to the inch (if what you want). Choose from hundreds of fabrics and leathers, or you can even use your own. Then choose your firmness and fill.

There you have it. The upholstered piece you always wanted, exactly the way you want it. Highest quality, hand-crafted in the USA. Frames, suspension, and fill are guaranteed for life. All delivered at a price that compares to some of the made-elsewhere big box stores. Ask them about their quality and lifetime guarantee -- yeah, didn't think so.

"Who does that ?!?"  GLOBAL HOME . . . we do that.
watch the 30-second video below to see how it works.
To view our Made to Order Collection, click here.

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