We were honored to be selected as one of the 14 designers for AspireHouse in Princeton. When we embarked on this project, it was before anyone knew about the COVID-19 virus. As 2020 revealed, this global pandemic would affect all of us and how we live. 
It also made our firm re-think our design for the 'His Office'. Since the restrictive lockdown and many people forced to work from home, the idea of a functioning office took on a higher priority. We designed this office to be a haven where one could spend many hours of productive and inspiring work. This was accomplished through the use of layering textures and graphic features in a soft palette of grey and yellow which is then offset by the dramatic built-in shelving and storage.  While sitting at the desk, the user feels a sense of calm and balance while also being visually stimulated by the vignettes of decorative interest. We are incredibly proud of the end result.