In the midst of busy downtown Manhattan is this large penthouse apartment. Walk in and you will no longer feel you are part of the madness below. Our clients, a young family of four, moved into this colossal floor-through loft from a much smaller and sparsely decorated home. Therefore, the challenge became clear: create a complete home with a definitive point of view. The interior architecture of grand arched ceilings and windows informed our design. Our inspiration, “Modern Roman Apartment meets Park Avenue” informed the color palette of plaster white and soft gray, with hits of navy blue, black, metallic gold, and a few brights for drama. Separate areas of function were kept distinct, yet unified through use of repetition of color throughout. Additionally, though large, windows are located only on the very ends of this 100ft x 20ft apartment. Mirrors were used liberally in our design in order to bounce the minimally available natural light through every corner of the home.
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