Our client, who spent many years working and living abroad, was looking to spend retirement in his NYC home that he and his wife had kept for many years. Unfortunately his wife became ill, requiring in-home care. After a long battle, she passed. Our client, likely looking to take on a project to deal with his grief, wanted to renovate the apartment that looked worn from years of wear and tear as well as freshening up a dark, not ideally functional kitchen. Our firm served as his designer, project manager and client advocate while we installed new floors, updated his bathrooms, retiled his balconies, renovated his kitchen and many other details in between. We facilitated a complicated move out/move in process while also keeping this project on time, in budget, following COVID regulations and dealing with global supply chain delays. We are thrilled with the overall transformation of the kitchen and apartment, allowing our client to enjoy his new phase of life as a bachelor.

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