When the home-owners moved from their Manhattan apartment to this massive contemporary home on the river in Westchester County, NY, they found they had about 10% of the furnishings they needed to fill their new house in a manner appropriate for a growing family. Also, their new home, while gorgeously situated, lacked character and was about 30 years out of date. The home felt dingy, despite an abundance of natural daylight and spectacular vistas.

Firstly, we went with a barely-there beige and bright white trim through the majority of the house and added a little more warmth in the dining room and bedroom with a more yellow and pink tone. Next, the furniture and decor plan developed reflected the home-owner's eclectic bohemian sensibilities, paired with crisp mid-century lines to elevate it to the contemporary architecture. We recommended a mix of patterns, textures, and colors against a neutral field. The result is sophisticated, livable, and fresh.
This project was featured on NBC TV.
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