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I must admit that when eternally-banged Amy Astley took over as Editor-in-Chief of design stalwart Architectural Digest, I wanted to NOT like her point of view. I thought that nobody could touch the talent and access of the living-legend Margaret Russell. I assumed that because Ms. Astley was so embedded in the Teen Vogue culture where she's elevated tween fashion and beauty for the past 13 years, that she could not have more than a pedestrian grasp of the Interior Design world. I thought that since we were coworkers when Teen Vogue was launched, that we should be capable of approximately the same things. Boy was I wrong!

In my opinion, each new issue of Architectural Digest with Amy Astley at the helm is better than the last. She showcases homes that do not necessarily conform to mainstream design trends, but demonstrate exceptional taste and an artistic eye. I love some of the homes featured in the most recent issue:

Jessica Chastain's apartment is in direct contrast to the minimalist vibe that has flooded the market in the past five years. Albeit a tad too reliant on Ralph Lauren Home furnishings, the feeling is traditional and luxe in a non-boring way. I spy a couple of pieces we sell here at Global Home in her sitting room below. 1.) The Ventana 2-Tier Chandelier by Jonathan Adler and  2.) The crinkly black Mansfield Stool $360 at

Tastefully bucking the current cool-hued interiors trend, Jessica Chastain's living room is a vision in moss green and cherry.  Somehow, it manages to look current despite being entrenched in a very "Early 90's" color-scheme. AND, again, seeing ANOTHER of Global Home's favorites, the single version of the Triple Mombassa Bench.

Keep up the good work Ms. Astley!

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Boy you were wrong! Amy Astley is surprising me everyday .

Valentina Pineda September 20, 2016

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